About Us

Who We Are

Kadam Sanstha was founded on 20 th of January 1995. We embarked on a journey 25 years ago, which has become a phenomenon, we started with a thought and a belief that if we believe and strive hard then one day we will have a World Without Wars and every human will realize their Complete Responsibility towards Mother Nature.

We are working continuously and consistently to achieve what we believe in, for that we have initiated many programs and have put our heart and soul into it and our sincere and consistent efforts have reaped great results.

Across India and even people and organizations from other nations have noticed what KADAM has achieved. Our efforts have been recognized by Limca Book of Records and we have been awarded with prestigious MAJA KOENE SOCIAL ACTIVIST AWARD. All these recognitions are welcomed but our most significant achievement is tangible impact created by us in terms of Environmental Benefits and Social Benefits.

About Plant for Peace

The Visionary Purpose of PLANT FOR PEACE Movement is to motivate Every human to start planting a Sapling on their birthday with this belief that the Sapling will bring Peace in the World.

This process will motivate every human to discharge their duties towards establishing "Peace in the World".

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Kadam Head office:
Opposite Navneet Enclave, Ranjhi,Jabalpur-482001 (M.P.)

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